Your Capital Campaign Pledge: Make an Informed Decision!

The One Faith – One Family – One Future campaign is underway, and most of our parishioners have received their request packets. Whether yours included a pledge form (meaning you won’t be contacted by a volunteer for a personal visit) or did not include a pledge form (meaning you will be contacted by a volunteer), please don’t jump to conclusions or rush to a gift decision. Instead, please take time to become fully informed about what we hope to accomplish from two important perspectives: Ours, and God’s.

To become fully informed about our plans and goals, read the Campaign Brochure and the answers to Frequently Asked Questions that came in your packet. Browse the Web Site and watch the videos to see the many parishioners have already made a gift. If a volunteer contacts you, meet with them to learn their perspectives on why they believe this effort is important. If you have any unanswered questions, reach out to any of the campaign leadership shown on your request letter’s stationery. We’re confident that the more informed you become, the more you’ll come to realize how important your participation is and the difference it will make!

To become fully informed about what God has to say about what we can accomplish, simply turn to Scripture. Throughout the Old and New Testament, we find account after account of God bringing people to the realization that His love, grace and providence are not to be doubted. Imagine trying to tell Joseph or Moses or David or Daniel or Esther or Ezra or Peter or Paul that God will not or cannot accomplish his plans through people like us!

Yes, our goals are ambitious. Yes, not everyone agrees. Yes, there will be barriers along the way that will challenge our faith and our trust in God’s providence. Yet, the reality is that the families in our two parishes have the giving capacity to reach our goals, and God has the capacity outgive each and every one of us!

So, again, please don’t jump to conclusions or a quick decision. Instead, become informed and make a leap of faith!