Campaign Progress

This past week, total pledges and gifts for our One Faith – One Family – One Future Capital Campaign surpassed $13.6 million, putting us more than 9/10ths of the way toward our $15 million Celebration Goal and more than halfway toward our $25 million Challenge Goal. Thank you to all our parishioners and friends who have pledged their support. So many have given generously!

As of this past Monday, less than 475 parish families—both parishes combined—had made a gift decision. That’s less than 15 percent of families. Also:

  • 66 percent of gifts/pledges are from SJV households or parish ministries, 29 percent are from OLOL, 5 percent are from “Other” donors (non-parishioner friends and organizations).
  • 58 percent of the dollars raised have come from OLOL households and parish ministries, 27 percent from SJV, 15 percent from “Other” donors.

It’s great to see this level of participation. It shows that we have both the desire and the resources in our community to succeed! And it is our community we are serving; it is our future we are building; it is our shared responsibility to respond generously.

“One Community” is at the heart of a brief message LCS Principal and SJV parishioner Katie Selden shares in a short video. Be sure to check it out!

Our volunteers are continuing their attempts to connect with parishioners. If they’ve had trouble reaching you, you should have received a letter from Father encouraging you to answer when they call, reply when they email or, if neither of those has happened, to make certain we have your correct contact information.

Please know that your pledge and ultimate gift, no matter the size, will help lay a foundation of faith for our future! Thank you!

[P.S. If you’ve pledged and need to set up automatic payments, please contact the campaign office at]