There Are Many Ways You Can Give to Our Campaign!

This past week we surpassed $11.8 million in gifts and pledges to our One Faith – One Family – One Future campaign, with nearly 220 donors making a gift!

We are well on our way to our Celebration Goal of $15 million. At the same time, we want to keep our Challenge Goal of $25 million in our sights.

Of course, reaching our goals will require significant and creative gifts. You might think this doesn’t apply to you because you’re not able to make a significant gift to this campaign. That’s simply not true:  No gift from the heart is insignificant! Recall that Jesus heralded the gift of the widow’s mite as being “more” than any other because she was moved by faith to give all that she had.

In the same way, the significance of your gift is not the amount itself, but what you’re willing to do, in faith, to make the best gift possible. To help you, we want to share ways you can make a larger gift than you might at first think possible.

The most obvious is to spread your gift over time—in this case, over three years. However, there are other ways, too. For example, life insurance policies offer a variety of creative ways to give now or later to our campaign. You could:

  • Gift the cash value of a policy you no longer need.
  • Reassign a policy, naming St. Joan of Arc Foundation as the beneficiary.
  • Purchase a new policy that names St. Joan of Arc Foundation as the beneficiary.

For more creative ideas and ways to implement them, please visit the “How to Give” page.