Looking Back in Gratitude, Eagerly Awaiting Blessings Yet to Come

In January of 2023, we reported to the Diocese of Davenport that we had raised $157,973 for our combined capital campaign. Our report for December 2023 will report over 10 times that amount: $16.9 million, if not $17 million.

We look back in gratitude for all that’s been accomplished these past 12 months. However, we want to take this opportunity to thank all the parish leaders and volunteers who have (and for some, continue to) put in countless hours to help turn our vision into reality:

Fr. Rich Adam SJV
Karen A. Adams SJV
Greg Adamson OLOL
Paul & Sue Alagna OLOL
Mary Albracht SJV
Marge Barrett SJV
Jon & Julie Bartlett OLOL
Deacon Steven Barton SJV
Wally Beck OLOL
Adam & Cassandra Berneking SJV
Andrea Sue & Brad Boeye OLOL
Kelly Bramer OLOL
Peter & Lisa Britt OLOL
Keith & Lory Cavanagh SJV
Connie Cervantes OLOL
Andy Craig OLOL
Fr. Jason Crossen OLOL
Morgan Davis OLOL
Dan D’Alessandro SJV
Steve & Kathy Darling OLOL
Jayne & Jim Field Other
Brett & Jennifer Foley OLOL
Daryl Fortin SJV
Jim & Nikki Gartner OLOL
Dennis Gerard SJV
Tom & Laura Gizicki SJV
Carol Green OLOL
Nick Helle OLOL
Scott Inman OLOL
Jerry & Dagmar Jastrab SJV
Mike & Barb Johnson OLOL
Paulette Jones OLOL
George & Laura Joseph OLOL
Andy & Kristina Katherman OLOL
Adam & Jacque Kolman SJV
Linus & Bette Kuboushek SJV
Greg & Kelsey Langenfeld SJV
Bill & Kathy Langley SJV
Miranda Lawrence Other
Brian Leavitt OLOL
Les Lipinski SJV
Joe & Ann Lohmuller OLOL
Don Lower SJV
Bill Manning OLOL
Kim Mayeski OLOL
Mike & Carolyn McFate OLOL
Jean McGonigle SJV
Cara McKee SJV
Pat & Mary Jane Meade SJV
Nate & Alison Meier OLOL/SJV
Steve Melbourne SJV
Deacon Chuck & Donna Metzger OLOL
Alex & Janene Misak SJV
Julie Mishler SJV
Joe & Robin Moralez SJV
Brent Morlok OLOL
Mitch Narvasa SJV
Dorothy Neff SJV
Brian & Gail Nikulski OLOL
Jeff & Cynthia O’Rourke OLOL
Nick & Jessica Palczynski SJV
Betsy Polaschek OLOL
Mike & Kelly Rashid OLOL
Dave & Andrea Reilly SJV
John & Kandi Resnick OLOL
Julie Rosales OLOL/SJV
Katie Seldon SJV
Daryl Schloz SJV
Marilyn Schnell SJV
Dolores Stack OLOL
Chad & Julie Stamper OLOL
Jude Steil SJV
Joe & Sandy Steinke OLOL
Deb Sullivan SJV
Greg & Jean Vens OLOL
Collette Vonderhaar OLOL
Mike & Joanie Vonderhaar OLOL
David & Karen Weaver OLOL
Randy & Barb Westerdale OLOL
Kathy Young OLOL

These folks have helped in big and small ways, whether that’s been putting project, campaign, or financial plans together; inviting fellow parishioners and friends to support the effort; helping with mailings and material assembly; hosting events; building lists of possible donors; lending their names and voices in support of the campaign—the list goes on.

It’s possible that a few names are missing—“unsung heroes” whose work in the background supported campaign activities. If so, we apologize. Know that we’re grateful for each and everyone of you, because we couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

There are still volunteer hours to come and gifts to be made, and we eagerly await the fruit of their labors and the blessings they will bring.

The need to reach our Challenge Goal remains. If you’ve yet to pledge, it’s not too late! Just visit the Pledge Page

If you’ve pledged, but haven’t set up automatic payments from your checking account or credit cards, you can do that here.  Tip: If setting up periodic payments, compute the periodic amount before you get started.

THANK YOU for your investment in this effort, in our shared mission and ministries, in support of Catholic education and our diocesan priests. Your support is a blessing to everyone we serve and is an example of what we can achieve when we come together as a one community in Christ.