New gifts and pledges have been rolling in ever since the start of our campaign’s Commitment Weekend on December 2-3, when we were excited to announce that we had surpassed the Celebration Goal of $15 million. When the December 17 bulletin went to print on 12/11, we were at $15.85 million. Today, we stand at $16.48 million from 982 decisions. And pledges and gifts, both small and large, continue to come in!

If you’re among those who’ve made a pledge during or since Commitment Weekend, thank you so much! The parish offices and campaign office are working hard to get pledges recorded and acknowledged. A number of pledges are missing key information to enable staff to enter the pledge and/or to acknowledge it. Staff are trying to contact donors to fill in the missing information. We appreciate your patience in receiving your pledge acknowledgement if you’re still waiting for it.

If you’ve yet to pledge, it’s not too late. Just click here.  Every gift counts!

If you’ve pledged, but haven’t set up automatic payments from your checking account or credit cards, you can do that here:  Tip: If setting up periodic payments, compute the periodic amount before you get started.

A complete list of donors-to-date can be found here.

Thank you again to everyone who’s accepted the invitation to participate in this opportunity to do something great for the next generation!